5in1 Air Sofa Bed

5 in 1 Air Sofa Bed !

Meeting the quality which is promised is the main factor that drive every product to earn the approval of the users, and 5in1 air sofa bed is a such a product capable of meeting all expectations of the user. The device is crafted in such a way that meets the demands of the people. Unlike all other usual bed which is designed to meet the only purpose of sleeping, this 5 in 1 air sofa bed suits to your four others purpose instead of sleeping. It is too good a purchase when we consider the utility. Frankly speaking, it would not the power of a wooden bed that users have back in their home. When it comes to utility we can use the product to many purposes.

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The 5 in 1 air sofa bed can be transformed to high rise table by just be folding the lower cushion within seconds, it can be also used as a recliner, and bed well suited for two people. In no time the device can be made to a three seater sofa. Thus one device can be made up to meet the demands of many. In all means it gives you plenty of saving. With the purchase of a bed you can meet only one purpose, but with the purchase of five in air sofa bed we can meet many purposes. One device and a single time payment. It can be used in different types. This special feature is only applicable to the five in one air sofa bed. Users will get some accessories loaded with it that they will find extremely useful.

Save Money with One Time Purchase of 5in1 Air Sofa Bed !!

The device comes in well packed condition with the essential add on such as a user manual, a travel bag, and compressor pump to fill air the 5in1 air sofa bed. The product is made up of high end quality that can keep the temper of air for long hours, and will not cause any ill feeling for people sitting or resting in it. Durability is the other factor that separates the device from all other ordinary products. So the authentic 5 in 1 air sofa bed comes with a guarantee of one year. The users can utilize the product in any space ignoring the indoors as well as outdoors. The product can be carried to anywhere in the travel bag, which is exclusively available with the kit. The device is backed by excellent customer support, delivery as well as online payment options. It is indeed a must buy product for all types of home, or offices.

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5 in 1 Air Sofa Bed With Best Quality !

Air sofa bed is an interesting sitting cut sleeping solution to have at your home. Designed beautifully, the furniture is meant to serves five different purposes which that includes, a sophisticated sofa, a comfy bed, a recliner, a luxurious lounger and children’s high rise sleeper. All these purposes are well served by this unusual sofa cum bed furniture. 5 in 1 air sofa bed will perfectly suit your home decor either you keep it in living room or in bed room. It looks sophisticated and is very comfortable. One can have great time relaxing and having afternoon nap over air sofa bed. It is also good to play some board games with your kids at home.

5in1 air sofa bed is light in weight, comfortable and does not require much space at home. It can be adjustable easily anywhere in less space and is thus very easy to add in your home decor. The product is perfect for over night guests, parties, sleepovers and visiting friends and family. Also, when not in use, you can deflate it and keep it anywhere beside bed or under your sofa and inflate it when required. With one product being used in five different ways, is definitely a worth purchase for all..

Some of the Interesting Features of Air Sofa Bed Includes :

  • 5 in 1 air sofa bed can be used as a 3 Seat Sofa, Lounger, Recliner, Queen Sized Bed, Children’s High Rise Sleeper
  • It is an ultimate sitting and sleeping furniture’s to keep at home
  • It can be use both inside and outside of your house
  • You an enjoy camping outside your house with this amazing sofa cum bed or can use it in pool.
  • It include light duffle bag for easy storage.
  • The product can supports up to 600 pounds of weight.
  • It can be inflated in 90 seconds only.
  • It is made up of good quality rexine and is thus worth your money.

5 in 1 air sofa bed is a wonderful furniture with some interesting features to add more style and comfort to your life, light in weight, this amazing furniture is portable and can be carried anywhere in and around home. One of the best part about this product is that it can inflated or deflated as per your requirement!

5 in 1 Air Sofa Bed

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